Add on gift - Tea Sparrow
Add on gift - Tea Sparrow
Add on gift - Tea Sparrow
Add on gift - Tea Sparrow

Add on gift - Tea Sparrow

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Curated loose leaf teas & 100% compostable teabags.
Organic, vegan and plastic-free!  This tea is absolutely magical, bergamot cream, lavender cream, strawberry mint, white tea champagne..jasmine...need we say more?

Pairs well with slippers, flowers, and good books.

Bergamot cream

What do you get when you blend black tea, bergamot and vanilla? Pure deliciousness, the kind your teapot craves every morning. Go on, let your teapot have its wish; you won’t regret it.

Lavender Cream

This tea is creamy, smooth and decadently floral. It isn’t a Lady Grey; it’s the Queen’s grey!

Cardamom Cream

Vanilla, cardamom and rose layer over a smooth black tea, creating a rich flavour that is sweet, floral, creamy and slightly spiced. This is our most decadent blend. Enjoy hot or iced!

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Add on gift - Tea Sparrow