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WORKSHOP - Air Plant and Crystal Terrarium October 5th, 2019


Look forward to upcoming workshops in 2020! 
Thank you for participating in our workshopis in 2019.

Explore the land of Tillandsia or air plants! These low maintenance beauties live without soil and can be creatively placed throughout your living or working space. Create a terrarium that has special meaning to you – pair your air plant with a piece of dreamy blue celestite to help elevate your spirit. Need to feel more grounded – accompany your tillandsia with a piece of smoky quartz. We provide you with everything you need to create your custom terrarium recipe . We’ll do a brief overview of crystals, their properties, care and functions. We’ll also cover basic air plant knowledge and facts. You’ll be supplied with a container, an air plant of your choice, a crystal of choice, natural accents, and of course, helpful one-on-one instruction with our knowledgeable moderator.

You’ll learn:

  • Brief background of the air plant
  • How to care for your air plant – watering, fertilizing etc
  • Crystal properties
  • How to choose your crystal
  • Basic composition design
Med container – $100

Large container – $110

Date: October 5th, 2019

Time : 2-4pm

Studio Full Bloom

(604) 255-1866

831 Commercial Drive,
Vancouver, BC V5L 3W6

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