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Orphee Perfume


Men's and Women's perfume oil:

These are handmade perfume using natural essential oils by Orphee Cosmetics.

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Highly concentrated. Delicate scent that works for men and women.

Earthy Rose: A solid perfume. Made with rose and sandalwood essential oils. The notes come together to form a linear oriental rose. Very rich and feminine. A long lasting scent that you can bring anywhere with you.  .50 oz

Earthly: A solid perfume. The scent is earthy like dirt, trees, crushed leaves, fresh air with a base that resembles recently washed linen. Clean, aromatic and very unique. Addictive. The initial scent completely changes in about two minutes after application revealing the true fragrance. .50 oz

Unisex perfume. Easy to use and bring with you anywhere. Fragrance lasts about 7 hours on the skin.

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